About ADNIA Consulting

ADNIA (pronounced ad-nia) is a Quebec City-based consulting firm specializing in business intelligence services (BI), and certified ISO 9001: 2008. Since its inception, ADNIA has provided strong local experience in the implementation of data warehouses and management dashboards as part of the management information system.

ADNIA is initially a French name, inspired from our own human DNA, whose main function is to store genetic information that determines who we are: our functions and our development. DNA also serves as a port: entrusting this critical information to future generations.

The parallels between the human genome and today’s businesses are particularly relevant to explaining the intake of business intelligence. At ADNIA, we identify key data from your organisation, integrate this data into a dedicated environment and enhance its value in order to make it meaningful and bring insight to your organization, thereby influencing and enabling more effective decision-making.

ADNIA’s employees are highly respected professional consultants who offer our customers a complete Business Intelligence lifecycle understanding and experience. ADNIA delivers for its clients a work product that maximizes benefits and guaranties a transfer of knowledge and ideas.

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2299, Boulevard Du Versant Nord #250
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