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We make one promise to our clients: Do not promise more than what can be done, but deliver more then what was promised.


Business Domain

Public Sector

ADNIA’s expertise and solutions help public organizations to be more accurate, efficient and lead in their performance measurement, reporting and data analysis. Our public sector customers recognize ADNIA’s expertise in Business Intelligence projects for the government domain. Health, infrastructure, public transport, public pension plans and insurance are different domains in which ADNIA has implemented BI solutions.

In the context of limiting budgets, an aging population, resource shortages and the need for transparency and accountability, referring to experienced consultants in this highly competitive market and employing local expertise in a renowned consulting firm is one of the reasons public organization rely on ADNIA.


Private Sector

Business optimization, process efficiency and effectiveness, customer satisfaction and human resource management are common objectives of a private organization’s Business Intelligence initiatives. How do we ensure accurate level of monitoring and control of these key metrics when data is unorganized and segregated into multiple sub- systems?

ADNIA’s experts, along with best practice applications, deliver multiples BI systems in private organizations to meet their objectives and have an accurate view of where they were, are, and will be.

Banking, insurance, brokers, telecommunications and manufacturing are all domains where BI is a must. They can rely on ADNIA to help them with their strategy and train their team to reach their project’s goals.

Whether you are an SMB or a multinational, doing business with ADNIA for your BI initiatives will ensure you get the right and measurable return on investment. Investing in your data will ensure your competitiveness for years to come.

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