Our Values

ADNIA’s primary values are integrity, quality and respect. ADNIA relies on these values as foundations of employee and customer relationships.


“Integrity engenders credibility.” (Wayne Cheng)

This is ADNIA’s key element for success. We do what we say, and maintain honesty through impartiality and pragmatism in order to continuously ensure a customer and employee relationship based on collaboration.


“The satisfaction of our interventions is, in reality, what we can hope for the most.” (Spinoza)

Quality is the most important challenge for each of our consultants as it is the element that differentiates us from our competitors. We brand our interventions with a seal of quality marked ‘ADNIA’ so that our customers know and are satisfied in having made the best choice.


“Respect is absolutely essential in all organizations because it gives value to the work.” (Anonymous)

Respecting our commitments means, above all, respecting our customers and our employees. To reflect this value in our actions, we consider the individual as the center of our interests and our interventions.

Our added value

Our most important added value is to complete our work efficiently and accurately to ensure a clear return on investment.

How do we do this? By presenting an integrated offer to our customers, who find at ADNIA a team of Consultants that are specialized architects, development teams and trainers who will fulfill all a customer’s needs in Business Intelligence. In this domain, we distinguish ourselves by our vast field of experience and our up to date knowledge of best practices.

We guide our customers in a way that they will always feel in control of their Business Intelligence projects and ultimately reach their goal.

Contact us

E-Mail : info@adniaconseils.ca
Phone :
2299, Boulevard Du Versant Nord #250
Québec (Québec), G1N 4G2