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100% BI Positioning: ADNia's Strength


Since the foundation of ADNia Conseils in 2010, the focus has always been to work on mandates solely related to the field of business intelligence (BI). This choice to adopt and maintain an exclusive BI positioning has allowed us to build a solid reputation in the field of business intelligence in Quebec.

But beyond expertise, this vision has also proven to be a strength in many ways, both for our clients and for our current and future employees, and here’s how.

Large-Scale Mandates, Always 100% BI Related

We know that in the larger firms, as they offer IT consulting services at large, it sometimes happens that employees are assigned to mandates that are not entirely related to business intelligence. Therefore, for a professional specialized and trained in BI, the ideal is obviously to work in his or her field of expertise, and this is what we can assure to all our employees at ADNia.

- Patrick Lavallée, Integrator Architect & Partner at ADNia

The mandates we work on are complex and not lacking in challenges! Our consultants are therefore challenged on a daily basis and have to make the most of the expertise in which they have chosen to specialize: business intelligence.

The secret is simple: by allowing BI specialists to work on mandates that really interest them and in which they possess all the necessary skills, everyone wins: the employee, the client... and ADNia!

- Steeve Boucher, Business Architect, Senior Partner at ADNia

A BI Team as Experienced as Diverse!

The ADNia team is made up of more than 20 experienced consultants and more than 15 external specialists, all highly specialized in business intelligence and analytics:

  • ETL Developer;

  • BI Advisor;

  • Business Intelligence Analyst;

  • BI Architect;

  • Strategic Business Intelligence Consultant.

In short, the perfect combination of experts to understand all the spheres surrounding the issues of organizations that business intelligence can solve.

A high-level BI mentoring opportunity

On the career level, having a team that is both complete and specialized in BI is advantageous for business intelligence professionals who wish to join a company where they will be able to develop and perfect their skills in the field, since our consultants all have several years of experience and are therefore able to guide new employees in their professional development.

- Réjean Verret, Vice-president Business Strategies at ADNia

The diversity of our team also allows employees to explore various spheres of the BI sector among the different professions present at ADNia, which gives them the opportunity to discover what they are most interested in and curious about, and this is very formative as it allows us to take employees what they want to achieve according to their career objectives.

Passionate People for Exciting Mandates

The passion of BI and the pleasure, these are the two elements that must motivate each person to come and work with us in the morning, and this is the mission we have given ourselves at ADNia.

Bi: A Sector Increasingly in Demand

In the age of ubiquitous data, it can be difficult for organizations to navigate an ever-growing flood of raw information. And it's companies of all sizes that are likely to generate a significant amount of data.

At ADNia, our approach is aimed at private companies as well as public organizations, including companies in the insurance field. We strive to offer our consultants varied but, above all, exciting work opportunities!

Discover Our Career Opportunities in BI

We are always looking for passionate and motivated business intelligence specialists at ADNia, do not hesitate to consult our job offers: