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To drive, innovate and improve insurance companies

Financial profitability, process efficiency, customer retention and human resource management are at the heart of every insurance company manager’s interests. Innovation is then necessary to keep and acquire customers. Business intelligence and analytics are therefore essential to support the various activities in this field, which continues to improve over the years.

Stay one step ahead of your competitors

Effectively meet the growing demand for online services with a business intelligence or custom analytics strategy. Improve the experience of citizens and businesses with streamlined administrative processes and reduced processing times while ensuring maximum information security through seamless data governance.

Anticipate your customers’ next decisions

Easily access the information you need to make better decisions and improve your performance. Anticipate your customers' next needs by analyzing data. Improve customer loyalty and discover new opportunities.

Reach out to us

Reach out to us

Take full advantage of your data with our Elix methodology.

With our recognize procedure, our advisors allow you to develop business intelligence in your company


Diagnosis oriented towards strengths, issues and opportunities associated to data.


Assistance towards key initiatives align on needs and opportunities.

Take action

Conception of a complete plan and required investments.

Business intelligence training

In collaboration with our premium partner, AFI, ADNIA offers diverse training aligned towards the developing of key competencies to consider during business intelligence projects.

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