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Guide public organizations’ digital transformation

Public organizations face many challenges related to the management of their systems and technology assets. They must maintain quality service delivery while being confronted with increasingly rapid technological advancement and the willingness of high-level authorities to transform and achieve things differently. Business intelligence is therefore a solution of choice to enable government agencies to modernize and take advantage of the digital solutions available to create more business value.

Transforming government organization and agencies

Because of their essential role in society and the economic context, public organizations must renew their approach towards citizens and businesses. Technological innovation, combined with the modernized exploitation of data is a solution of choice. Whether we are talking about business intelligence, Bigdata or advanced analytics, we are talking about a better use of data to control the costs of your processes, make informed decisions, and personalize your service offer thanks to, among other things, innovative technologies.

Add value to your data and increase your efficiency

Know your data, recognize its value to the organization, structure it and use it in your organization to optimize your business processes. Improve your productivity while controlling your operational costs.

Reach out to us

Reach out to us

Take full advantage of your data with our Elix methodology.

With our recognize procedure, our advisors allow you to develop business intelligence in your company.


Diagnosis oriented towards strengths, issues and opportunities associated to data.


Assistance towards key initiatives align on needs and opportunities.

Take action

Conception of a complete plan and required investments.

Business intelligence training

In collaboration with our premium partner, AFI, ADNIA offers diverse training aligned towards the developing of key competencies to consider during business intelligence projects.

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